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Q. Can I take a tour of Fuji Television?
A. There are several areas within the Fuji Television headquarters building that are open to the public. The 1st floor “Fuji TV Mall” features various kinds of shops. And, depending on the time of the year, the 5th floor “Fuji TV Gallery” displays sets, items, and props from popular programs. Many Fuji Television-related goods are also sold at the souvenir shop located on the 7th floor “Fujisan Terrace.” The 25th floor “Hachitama” Spherical Observation Room allows visitors to experience a spectacular 270-degree panoramic view of Tokyo!
Please note that opening hours, opening days, and ticket prices etc. for above areas could change depending on various circumstances.
Q. How can I get tickets to a show taping?

A. There are several ways to get tickets to tapings of Fuji Television shows.
1. Several programs seek audiences through the following website. (Japanese only)
2. Fuji Television Club members can request tickets to show tapings that are unavailable to the general public.  For more information, access the Fuji Television Club website. (Japanese only)
3. Some shows provide ticket information before, during, or after the show. 

Please note that the above information and websites are only available in Japanese

Q. How can I participate in a show?

A. Check the website of your favorite show to see if they are seeking contestants.  Fuji Television Club members can also appear as extras in Fuji Television’s dramas and movies.  For more information, access the Fuji Television Club website. (Japanese only)

Please note that the above website is only available in Japanese.
Q. How can I watch Fuji Television programs outside of Japan?

A. Some News and Infotainment shows can be viewed in specific areas of the United States and Europe. Since this service is aimed at native Japanese speakers residing abroad, all programs are aired entirely in Japanese, without foreign language subtitles. For more information on broadcast areas, please visit the websites below. (USA) (Europe)
For other contents such as Drama,Variety and Animation with various other language options, please check the other platform services in your area.

Q. I am interested in the purchase of programs and format sales (for buyers) such as re-creating a foreign drama in my own region?

A. If you are interested in the purchase of programs and format sales (for buyers) such as re-creating a foreign drama in your own region, then please contact Fuji Creative Corporation (FCC) or the newly launched Japan Entertainment TV programs market (JET).
FCC specializes in both distribution and production of quality TV programs for domestic and overseas markets as a subsidiary of FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK, one of the most popular commercial and terrestrial broadcasting corporations in Japan.

■FCC Official Website

Also, as a first for a Japanese TV station, Fuji Television have launched an e-commerce (EC) system that will enable it to sell its programs on the Internet to the world called “Japan Entertainment TV programs market” (JET). After registering as a member on this system, buyers around the world can easily purchase programs as if they were previewing and buying products on other e-commerce sites. English and Chinese (simplified) are standard languages, and Japanese is also supported.

■JET Official Website

Q. Are there any job opportunities and internships at Fuji Television?
A. Information regarding job opportunities and internships are available on the Fuji Television Japanese website. (Japanese Only)
Also, all job applicants interested in positions must be graduates of a four-year college/university and fluent in Japanese.
Q. Can you send or sell me tapes or links of certain Fuji Television programs?
A. Fuji Television does not give out tapes/DVDs or links of its programs to individual viewers due to copyright issues. Many popular Fuji Television programs have been made into DVDs and Blu-ray (mostly Japanese only) and are available on various online shopping sites. However, please note the regional code and video format for Japan could be different for other areas.
Q. Can I use Fuji Television’s contents or clips I found online for personal uploads?
A. Due to copyright reasons, Fuji Television does not allow any part of its program or show clips to be used on any online streaming services or for any reason whatsoever.
Q. I would like to know the specific costumes, props and music used for a program?
As for things like costumes, props, and music (excluding theme songs and ending music) used for each individual program and episodes, it differs every time for each scene etc. Therefore, due to the huge load of data for these, we are unfortunately unable to attain these kinds of information for you.

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